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Schrödinger’s Cat

Virtual exhibition only online at


Organizer:  MA-EC

From 28 May to 28 June 2021

Extended until 20 July






ARTISTS | 参展艺术家


Gui Bin 桂斌 | Maria Silvia Da Re | Thomas Dowdeswell

Celia Gallardo | Margaretha Gubernale | Yan Li 李嫣

Jinghua Li 李景桦 | Kitty Liu  刘嫄 | Coca Rodriguez Coelho

Veitorr | whoAPPa? | Yao Yao 姚瑶 | Ping Zhang 张萍 | Runping Zhang 张润萍 | Xu Zhang 张旭

Poster Schrödinger's Cat.jpg

MA-EC Gallery presents the exhibition Schrödinger’s Cat online on May 28th, that will see on the platform of the virtual events of the gallery discuss 15 international artists on a theme as complex as it is fascinating that lends itself to multiple interpretations.


Schrödinger’s cat paradox is a thought experiment devised in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger. Going decidedly against common sense, it presents a cat that, in a state known as quantum superposition, can be both alive and dead at the same time, as a result of being connected to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur.

The exhibition aims to focus on conceptual elements of contradictory coexistence, paradox, overlap, opposite, certainty and uncertainty and on the interpretations that give artists.

What we perceive is not reality. Often we have to rethink all our certainties: what we call reality is only the most sophisticated of illusions, what is true for us will not be true for another person because our perception is individual. Always learning to doubt what you take for granted is the first piece that allows you to create a new thought, without prejudice.

2021年5月28日至6月28日,米兰国际艺术中心将在线上展览平台 推出薛定谔的猫》国际当代艺术展。展览来自意大利、中国、瑞士、西班牙、英国、墨西哥、巴西七个国家优秀当代艺术家的作品,讨“矛盾共存”(悖论) 、​ “叠加” 、“对立” 、“确定性”与“不确定性” 等概念元素,并引申到对于生活状态的思考。

薛定谔的猫是奥地利著名物理学家薛定谔(Erwin Schrödinger, 1887~1961)在1935年提出的一个思想实验,是指将一只猫关在装有少量镭和氰化物的密闭容器里。镭的衰变存在几率,如果镭发生衰变,会触发机关打碎装有氰化物的瓶子,猫就会死;如果镭不发生衰变,猫就存活。根据量子力学理论,由于放射性的镭处于衰变和没有衰变两种状态的叠加,猫就理应处于死猫和活猫的叠加状态。这只既死又活的猫就是所谓的“薛定谔猫”。但是,不可能存在既死又活的猫,则必须在打开容器后才知道结果。







…Y la curiosidad mató al espejo (... And curiosity killed the mirror)


230 x 270 x 680 cm (variable, depending in available space)



You can just see a little peep of the passage in the Looking-glass House...

                                                                                        Lewis Carroll


What if we could just have a little peep into Schrödinger’s box?


Like the cat inside it, we are curious. We see a small opening and our instinct is to try to look inside. As the kind wall folds just enough for us to slip in, we do, while no one watches. Like Alice, we enter a world we probably never even expected and start a journey of encounters, curiosity, imagination, and interpretation. It invariably leads to the experience of a reality touched by our imagination. Thus, leaving us with the memory of an indivisible event of reality and fantasy intertwined. Our own interpretation, our own experience, our own truth.

The experience is different for everyone but the origin helps us recognize it in another’s story. This is my experience, my interpretation, my story. Let's see yours. Enjoy the ride.

Celia Gallardo

Mexican sculptress and installer, born in Mexico City on November 14, 1977.
She began to study painting in the workshop of the teacher Marisa Bañuelos (1992-1995). She learned painting with the teacher Esperanza Vergara and enamel with the teacher Hilde Haller Garcia.
Begins the career of Architecture, which she abandons to go as an unregistered student at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (National School of Plastic Arts) (ENAP), to which she enters a year later. It is in this school, with the masters Francisco Quesada and Kiyoto Ota, where finds her way into sculpture and installation. Takes video-installation and video courses with Lorna Simpson and Peter Campus.

Enters the Video-art competition, organized by the UPX of CONACULTA, and is selected for the realization of her work and exhibition in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso.
Complements her studies with jewelry and enamel courses at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas in Taxco, Guerrero.

She had many collective exhibits at places like Casa del Lago in Chapultepec, Museo de Arte Regional and Museo de Arte Tridimensional in Azcapotzalco. She was Jury in the Annual Competition of Fine Arts 2004 "El Esqueleto de Calder" Filiform sculpture.
Later she had solo exhibits in places like The Agora in Naucalpan and the Museo de Arte Tridimensional in Azcapotzalco. Also competes for the Premio Nacional de la Plata Hugo Salinas Price (art in silver) selected for exhibition at the FONART gallery.

She worked at the FAD (Faculty of Arts and Design) as coordinator of the Galleries of the Antigua Academia de San Carlos.

Il Gatto di Schrödinger

Mostra collettiva solo online su


28 maggio – 28 giugno 2021


MA-EC Gallery presenta il prossimo 28 maggio solo online la mostra Il Gatto di Schrödinger, che vedrà in esclusiva sulla piattaforma degli eventi virtuali della galleria confrontarsi 15 artisti internazionali su un tema tanto complesso quanto affascinante che si presta a molteplici interpretazioni.


Il paradosso del gatto di Schrödinger è un esperimento mentale ideato nel 1935 da Erwin Schrödinger. Andando decisamente contro il senso comune, presenta un gatto che, in uno stato noto come sovrapposizione quantistica, può essere contemporaneamente sia vivo che morto, come conseguenza dell'essere collegato a un evento subatomico casuale che può verificarsi o meno.


La mostra intende porre l’attenzione su elementi concettuali di coesistenza contraddittoria, paradosso, sovrapposizione, opposto, certezza e incertezza e sulle interpretazioni che ne danno gli artisti.

Quello che percepiamo non è la realtà.  Spesso dobbiamo ripensare tutte le nostre certezze: ciò che chiamiamo realtà è soltanto la più sofisticata delle illusioni, quello che per noi è vero non lo sarà per un’altra persona perché la nostra percezione è individuale. Imparare sempre a dubitare di quello che si da per scontato è il primo tassello che permette di creare un pensiero nuovo, senza pregiudizi.

El Gato de Schrödinger
Exposición colectiva sólo en línea en

28 Mayo - 28 Junio 2021


MA-EC Gallery presenta el próximo 28 de mayo sólo en línea la exposición El Gato de Schrödinger, que verá en exclusiva en la plataforma de eventos virtuales de la galería confrontar a 15 artistas internacionales sobre un tema tan complejo como fascinante que se presta a múltiples interpretaciones.


La paradoja del gato de Schrödinger es un experimento mental ideado en 1935 por Erwin Schrödinger. Yendo decididamente en contra del sentido común, presenta un gato que, en un estado conocido como superposición cuántica, puede estar simultáneamente vivo y muerto, como consecuencia de ser conectado a un evento subatómico aleatorio que puede ocurrir o no.


La exposición pretende poner la atención en los elementos conceptuales de coexistencia contradictoria, paradoja, superposición, opuesta, certeza e incertidumbre y en las interpretaciones que dan los artistas.

Lo que percibimos no es la realidad. A menudo tenemos que repensar todas nuestras certezas: lo que llamamos realidad es sólo la más sofisticada de las ilusiones, lo que para nosotros es verdad no lo será para otra persona porque nuestra percepción es individual. Aprender siempre a dudar de lo que se da por sentado es la primera pieza que permite crear un pensamiento nuevo, sin prejuicios.

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