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Giuseppe Corradino (born Palermo 1955). The desire to draw, which he satisfied as a child by illustrating true stories or imaginary ones in personal diaries (perhaps taking a cue from the various comics that he collected), led him to follow a pathway of artistic training, which began at the Art School in Palermo and continued at the school of the Forensic Police in Rome, where he perfected the techniques of drawing and portraiture aimed at producing identikit,s and was completed with a diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. From 1986 to 2012 he was the designer of the Forensic Police for Eastern Sicily giving a face, through the graphic processing of testimonies of witnesses, to the people involved in some of the most sensational court cases on the island. From the beginning of his artistic career, environmental protection, challenged by increasingly widespread consumerism, is the central theme of his work, which by the end of the 70s is characterized by works or installations presented as “metaphors” of social and cultural degradation to think about. There is progressive internalization of form and the great socio-political changes that characterize our contemporary world are the harbingers of new research on the “sign”, today expressed by Corradino through the fingerprint, traced out by swirls of colour or delineated by a flow of words, in which the objective evidence of a real identity refers to hypothetical “mazes”, metaphors of places where getting lost or finding oneself is only the outcome of a study through which to explore the meaning of '“being there”. Having done several exhibitions (his first one-man exhibition was held at the Norman Castle at Adrano in 1987), he is present in public collections (the towns of Acireale and Trecastagni, Municipal Art Gallery of Caronia, Messina province, Norman Castle at Adrano) and private ones (I.N.P.A.L. at Adrano, C.M.M. at Riposto). Also very much involved in social work, between 1989 and 1997 he organized some art exhibitions aimed at raising funds for charity, managing to involve the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and obtaining the support of organizations and public institutions . In 2007, he donated the installation “Moonlighting work deaths” purchased by INAIL in Rome during the event “The Din of the Lambs”, held at Le Ciminiere in Catania in support of the families of the victims of accidents at work. The following year he donated another of his works to the auction organized for the benefit of Italian Down People, Catania Provincial Section, and participated in other events organized in support of medical research, the latest being in 2013 in favour of FFC (Foundation for Research on Cystic Fibrosis). After painting the work used by Frates (the national association of groups of blood donors) as the cover of the publication for scientific purposes and spread of information on blood donation, he did the cover and the graphics for the collection of poems “The Porthole” and for the double volume of fiction “Chronicles of the desert”, both by the poet-fiction writer Catania Giovanni Battiato. From 2009 he shared for a few years the commitment of the “BRUCASTUDIO” project, an “open space” meant as a place of comparison between styles and experiences of artists in the area, and collaborates in the organization of some of the most prestigious exhibition events organized by the "SpazioVitaleIn" gallery in Catania.
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